Are you using our latest inventory Apps?

by | Jun 6, 2019

Hollander’s latest versions of the Android apps are now available to download from the Google Play store. View our guide on correct practice for removing old versions prior to install. We advise all yards review this, install and use only the latest versions of our applications.

Additional features include:

  • Edit parts, mark parts as missing, etc using BarcodeScannerPro.
  • Update vehicle locations offline (Outside wifi range) using TricoderPro.
  • Show you inventoried parts when doing a PDR for a second time (InventoryPro)
  • App licensing to allow you to have the apps on multiple devices which will give you a daily limit to the number of licenses you subscribe to.

These have some additional functionality over the previous versions which is included in the full release notes.



Learn about how our inventory applications and sales inventory tools can support your yard further.  If you currently don’t have one our Pinnacle Professional Inventory applications or wish to extend your licence and access then get in touch with us to discuss your options to help make your inventory process as efficient as possible. 



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