Pinnacle Professional Version 18.2 Now Available

by | Jun 6, 2019

Hollander International has released the 18.2 feature updates to the Pinnacle Professional yard management system bringing further enhancements to auto recyclers. 

Pinnacle Professional is regularly updated with features released in regular installments. Our latest release 18.2 is no different and sees 7 key feature releases with a host of under the hood and user experience enhancements.

Included in the latest release of Pinnacle 18.2 are the following key features:

  • GDPR enhancements – allowing yards to comply with the latest EU Data regulations within Pinnacle. Allowing greater control and security over customer and user data.
  • Android Application updates – A few tweaks and enhancements to make the stocking of car parts from the yard to inventory as seamless as possible.
  • Back Order Functionality – Pinnacle now allows you to list parts and quantity of parts that customers are wanting and then notifies the user who created the back orders that the stock is now available to fulfil this order and then create a work order and invoice.
  • Custom Search Criteria – additional search field being made available – # The purpose of this field is to allow bespoke search criteria to be implemented on clients systems.
  • eBay Enhancements – To improve the time it takes to upload parts to eBay and get the eBay listing set up. We have updated the Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) to recognise that when the K-Type field is populated.
  • New Welcome Panel – We have introduced a new way for you to get information direct to Pinnacle about significant events or news that we want our users to be aware of.

These changes are aimed at keeping Pinnacle the most flexible and efficient system to use when stocking your car parts. There are also many bug fixes and user-requested enhancements that have been made to ensure your yard can operate in harmony with the Pinnacle yard management system.


User guides can be downloaded for each of the 7 major updates listed above to help you as a Pinnacle User understand how the feature functions and how to access/use these new features within your Pinnacle system. Access our 18.2 user guides.


The updates listed above have been made available for both the United Kingdom, European, Australian and New Zealand marketplaces.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding new Pinnacle Features being released in the near future.



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