eBay – How to increase part sales for free!

by | Jun 21, 2019

Hollander International teamed up with eBay Motors Kurt Heslop to help Australian dismantlers understand some of the top tips and benefits of leveraging eBay features. 

Want to learn some great tips and tricks on how to increase your eBay sales? 

On this free to view webinar we are joined by eBay’s own Kurt Heslop where he will detail some great tools available to auto part dismantlers listing on eBay including: 

– eGD program guaranteeing delivery time to buyers and how this increases conversion. 
– Discounted commission offers from time to time. 
– Free freight options that increase conversions. 
– Freight matrix set up that increase conversion.

Joining Kurt Heslop on the webinar will be Chris Daglis General Manager for Hollander International Australia and Scott Ferguson Head of Marketing for Hollander International.

If you are interested in selling more of your auto parts on eBay and are not yet on the Pinnacle Professional yard management system, get in touch with us to find out more about simplifying your part uploads to eBay and improving the efficiency of your inventory processes with our dedicated yard management system. 



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