CARS 2018 EXPO Highlights

by | Jun 6, 2019

As headline partners for CARS Expo 2018 we are delighted to share some of the highlights from the show sharing the success such an event brings to the auto recycling industry. As headline partner Hollander International attended the show showcasing the latest innovations and developments in our market-leading Yard Management System (Pinnacle Professional) for supporting Vehicle Dismantlers. Watch the show highlight video below and read on for further details of our offering at the show. 


Across the two days, auto recyclers were given first-hand support and guidance on how the Pinnacle Professional yard management software can help grow your yard and enhance the sales opportunities of the business. Through dedicated workshops and hands-on demonstrations on the stand, Hollander aimed to ensure delegates of the show were fully informed on the capabilities and benefits of having such a system can bring to their business.

It was great to meet and engage our existing and prospective customers to hear them explain the challenges and barriers they are facing in the industry and in turn showcase how we can help overcome most if not all.

Supported by a strong team across, Operations, Support, Sales and Marketing the Hollander team at this year’s show were equipped to support all customer inquiries and this enabled us to be much closer to our customers than in previous events.

If it was only for a chat or to have a go at winning one of our many prizes CARS Expo 2018 has been a fantastic event for us to get closer and listen to our industry peers and we look forward to continuing that conversation further.



If you didn’t get the chance to see Pinnacle Professional first hand during the show or you are in the market for a yard management solution that can help bring efficiency, reporting and increased sales then get in touch with us today to see how we can support you going forward on 0131 538 8538 or request a demonstration. 

if you currently have a yard management solution in place and are interested in switching your service to Hollander Internationals Pinnacle Professional solution then get in touch for a free quotation.



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